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The second in a three-part mystery scries, On Thin Ice by Alina Adams is being released Oct. 4. The book is a sequel to Murder on Ice: A figure Skating Mystery. The new book tells the fictional story of the disappearances – a decade apart – of two promising young skaters.

“There are lots of sports-themed mysteries out there; baseball, golf, horseracing, tennis. I figured skating seemed like a natural to join the canon,” Adams said about her decision to focus on the sport. “It is the second most popular sport on television, and it is the number one spectator sport among women. Women also make up a huge chunk of the mystery reading audience. So why not combine skating and mystery novels?”

Adams’s younger brother, Martin Sivorinovsky, competed as an ice dancer for almost 10 years. He was the 1996 U.S. Open Novice dance champion. “All those years, I was his driver and chaperone,” Adams said. “I learned more about skating than I ever knew there was to learn.”

In 1992, when the World Championships were in Oakland, Calif, Adams volunteered as a translator for the Russian team because she was born in the former USSR and speaks fluent Russian. “From that job, I was able to publish several interviews with the Russian skaters in the national and local press,” she said. “I continued writing articles about skating at the same time as I was writing books – four romance novels – and working in television – on E! Entertainment and ABC.”

In 1995, Adams was an associate producer for ABC’s Skates of Gold III. After that, she was the ABC skating researcher for the 1996-1997 skating season. In 1998, she was a researcher forTNT’s coverage of the Olympics. She was also the associate producer for A Skater’s Tribute to Carlo Fassi on ESPN, and a feature producer for the StarSkates series on NBC.

Adams had the first of her two children in 1999. The second was born in 2003. “After trying to juggle the StarSkates series with my responsibilities at home, I decided that traveling for skating work was no longer feasible,” Adams said. “That’s why I turned to writing skating fiction. I can travel to competitions all over the world without leaving the comforts of home.”

Readers can get a preview of the third book in Adams’s series, Death Drop, at the conclusion of On Thin Ice. “I would love to continue the series beyond the initial three books,” Adams said. “Skating is so infinitely fascinating, with so many great personalities and conflicts. I’ve got a ton of ideas for people who need to be ‘knocked off ” – SUSAN WESSLING

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