ITE to monitor Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers standards effort

ITE to monitor Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers standards effort

The ITE Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Safety Councils will monitor the activities of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) P 1616 Motor Vehicle Event Data Recorder Committee. According to IEEE, “Motor Vehicle Event Data Recorders (MVEDR) collect, record, store and export data related to motor vehicle pre-defined events. This standard defines a protocol for MVEDR output data compatibility and export protocols of MVEDR data elements.” The proposed standard does not prescribe which specific data elements will be recorded or how the data will be collected, recorded and stored. The proposed standard will be applicable to event data recorders for all types of motor vehicles licensed to operate on public roadways, whether offered as original or aftermarket equipment and whether stand-alone or integrated into the vehicle.

The purpose of this project is to review existing light-duty motor vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles equipped with some form of MVEDR. These systems, which are designed and produced by individual motor vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers, are diverse in function and proprietary in nature. The continuing implementation of MVEDR systems provides an opportunity to standardize data output and retrieval protocols voluntarily to facilitate analysis and promote compatibility of MVEDR data. Therefore, adoption of the standard will make MVEDR data more accessible and useful to end users.

If you are interested in providing, input to this effort, please contact James Cheeks at ITE Headquarters; jcheeks@ Additional information can be found at

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