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September 2003

PC Expo

September 16-18

New York, NY

Great Lakes Regional Conference

September 17-19

Grand Rapids, MI

SLA Virtual Seminar

Branding Master Class: Fine-Tuning

Information Service


September 24

Learn from anywhere in the world

30th Research Conference on

Communication Information &

Internet Policy

September 26-30

Alexandria, VA

October 2003

Theatre Library Association

Performance Documentation

and Preservation in an Online


October 10

New York, NY

Ohio Educational Library Media

Association (OELMA)

October 15-17

Columbus, OH

American Society for

Information Science &

Technology (ASIST)

October 20-23

Long Beach, CA

North Atlantic Health Sciences

Libraries, Inc.–Lighting the


October 26-28

Sturbridge, MA

SLA Virtual Seminar

Knowledge Managment

October 29

Learn from anywhere in the world

November 2003

SLA Virtual Seminar

The Visible Librarian: A

Marketing and Advocacy Primer

November 19

Learn from anywhere in the world!

December 2003

SLA Virtual Seminar

Business and Planning

December 3

Learn from anywhere in the world!

January 2004

Digital Information Exchange:

Pathways to Build Global

Information Society

January 21-23, 2004

New Delhi, India


SLA Winter Meeting

2004 January 22-24

Albuquerque, New Mexico USA

June 2004

SLA Annual Conference

June 5-10, 2004

Nashville, Tennessee USA

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