Knowledge management: A selective guide to resources

Ferguson, Christine

The knowledge management (KM) discipline is growing rapidly. One of the best ways to keep up is through sites on the World Wide Web. Larger frames of discourse are better handled through monographs on KM topics. These two categories form the emphasis of this guide to KM resources. (See also references in William SaHady, Knowledge Management: An Overview on page 4.)

Portals and Mega-Sites

These are sites that serve as a gateway to KM sites, contain a large volume of information about KM and links to other sites, or both. Open Directory Project References on KM (sites identified and evaluated before posting), reference/knowledge_management/. Some 400 KM sites divided into six sections and areas of specialty; lists KM sites with short descriptions

IKM Corporation, www.kmresource. com. A strong and well-organized site with 16 sections of different resource categories (i.e., Introduction to KM, Case Studies, Professional Organizations); a gateway to 131 KM books [as of May 29, 2000] available via

Knowledge Management Central, Institute of Public Policy, George Mason University, Virginia, www. Links to many other KM sites, books, journal articles, and events such as conferences; links to companies involved in KM initiatives; links in categories such as “KM Tools” and “KM Glossary”

Net Academy of Knowledge Media, Direct access to many documents and articles, carefully selected links, useful annotations WWW Virtual Library for Knowledge Management, Compiled by Dr. Yogesh Malhotra. This is one of the larger and older sites (some areas kept better up to date than others).

Brint Network, Knowledge management reference area KM bibliography

-, KM articles board.html. Business and technology discussion forum

-1 html. KM resources for sale

KIVI Sites: Current Awareness

Knowledge Management, www.kmmag. co.utk/. “Site Watch” section of magazine identifies and comments on new KM sites on the Web

Basic KM Theories and Precepts

Knowledge Management Consortium International, Basic philosophy and concepts of KM; offers a monthly lessons-learned e-journal of stories about KM in organizations: Focused on becoming a certified knowledge manager (CKM), publishing articles and papers, list of recommended readings, links of interest, registration for classes (distance mode and face-to-face) for certification, and notice of conferences

Knowledge Management World Online, News, events, publications, resources, buyer’s guide

Information Society Commission, KM initiatives in Ireland, Europe, and the rest of the world

Knowledge Online, www.knowledge. Conferences, links

Academic Sources

University of Texas at Austin Knowledge Management Server, Extensive lists of books, articles, and publications on KM; includes some basic definitions of knowledge management and its principles

University of California at Berkeley, www. haas. berkeley. edu/- imi ol conference/links.html. Knowledge Creation and Transfer: The Second Annual U.C. Berkeley Forum on Knowledge and the Firm

Harvard Business School Publishing, managersites.html. Recommends Web sites for managers; benchmarking, KM, competitive intelligence

Associations and Organizations

Society for Information Management, KM subsection Special Libraries Association, www. Selected references to KM with links to Web sites; information on KM software

ARMA International, KM seminars, books, management briefings

Association for Information and Image Management International,, education, news, trends

Association for Computing Machinery ktm. One of a large number of interest groups in ACM

Serial Publications

Knowledge Management Magazine online, Current KM news and initiatives, back issues for subscribers from October 1998 forward

Journal of Knowledge Management, Intended for higher-order articles; results of research, offers books reviews and case studies

KM World (formerly Imaging World),

e-Doc magazine, Published by AIIM International

Knowledge Management News, www.

CIO, Knowledge Research Center, http.// html.

Management Roundtable – online publications, The Critical Path, Best Practices Report (e-mail newsletter), American Productivity and Quality Center, CenterView, centerview. E-mail newsletter on benchmarking, best practices, leveraging KM; last six issues available online

Information Strategy Online, www.info_ Full text of selected current articles available at no cost; must have a current subscription to retrieve archived articles The Information Management Journal, journal about.htm. Regular KM column, occasional articles on KM Journal for the American Society for Information Science, Publications/JASIS/jasis.html. Forum for research publications on information transfer and communication processes, in the context of recorded knowledge

Knowledge Manager, www.chironpub. com/current/frontpage.html. KM solutions through enabling technologies; links to KM developers, manufacturers, and analysts user stories in Knowledge Manager


Electronic Magazines and Online Publications

Cybernetics: International Journal of Scientometrics, Informetrics and Bibliometrics, cybermetrics. Study of the quantitative analysis of scholarly and scientific communications

Cyber Review: Internet Strategy Executive Newsletter, www.cybermanagement. com/cyber/cyberaug.html. Theory and practice reflections on the present and future of net commerce

Online Inc. Research, Resource guide to online magazines, conferences, and services; magazines include ONLINE; Econtent; Emedia

International KM Newsletter, www. Subscription information, current issue online

Intelligent Enterprise Magazine, Section on KM; for managers of businesscritical applications and data; print edition available by subscription

Binary Thoughts, www.binarythoughts. com/km/index.cfm. E-zine with a subsection on KM; top stories and recent events in KM

Knowledge Management News (Hoyt Consulting),

IBM Think Leadership, com/thinkmag. IBM’s knowledge management and leadership newsletter online; archived articles from selected years

IBM News Clippings, services/clippings/summary_ category_40056.htm.

KM Consultants

Arthur Andersen Consulting, home.html

Grant Thornton, United States,

Grant Thornton International,

Arrowhead Systems Consulting,


Delphi Group,

GartnerGroup, www.gartner12.gartner

Ernst and Young, http.11business,arch.html

Smith, Weaver, Smith, www.smith Provides good annotated list of KM journals

Hoyt Consulting, TFPL (UK),

Business and Management Sites with KM Links

The Management Roundtable, Information resources for product development professionals

Sales and Field Force Automation online, KM for sales and marketing, Knowledge management for the insurance industry

American Management Association,

Work Space International Ltd, Provides links to sites, books, articles, and information on KM

Quinary, knowledge management.html. Links to KM and language technologies

Gensym Corp., company/links.htm. Links to resources and organizations on control, automation, and management

Sites Associated with Major KM Figures

Sveiby Knowledge Management (focuses on his and others’ KM publications), Virtual library, publications; major bibliography at: KMref40.html

Thomas Stewart, author of Welcome to Intellectual Capital: the New Wealth of Organizations, com/thosstew/.

Knowledge Research Institute (Schema Press, Karl and Elisabeth Wiig), Articles, diagrams on KM, links, but mostly their own work on KM

Telos, The KM site of Rory Chase, well-known consultant in KM. Large set of links to other sites; also site of KNOW network for KM practitioners to share lessons learned/best practices

Buckman Laboratories (an enthusiastic adopter of KM), (“The Buckman Room”). Designed and created to encourage and enable those who want to become involved with KM; offers a starter kit of KM articles; the library section provides excellent access to Web resources

David Skyrme (UK consultant), Rich but complex site; focuses on reports by Skyrme in the area of KM implementation; useful “curriculum” material to learn about KM

Software Sites Answers information professionals; forums for software questions; conferences, magazines, downloaded software

DevX: Information service, The Development Exchange; library of software available for download; product guide

Best Practices in KM

Best Practices, LLC, www.best_ in Best practices research, benchmarking studies, consultation, networking opportunities, KM

Focus on Intellectual Capital, Means to accelerate the value-adding capacities of intangible assets; knowledge management links and library; KM events calendar

Human Source, www.humansource. com. Human intellectual capital; articles, books, links

ICEX – Intellectual Capital Development Firm, Intellectual capital and knowledge management news and events; research, projects, links

Other Knowledge Management Sites

Knowledge Transfer International, News and information relating to all aspects of KM; knowledge centers, archives, publications, white papers, and knowledge links Focuses on the technology behind KM and the companies creating that technology

KM World Conference and Exposition,

Logistics Management Institute, Assists government and nonprofit organizations

Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute, University of Edinburgh, Artificial intelligence applications in KM

ECz – USC, knowledge/

Book reviews at au/BB/Topic/Knowledge.bbd#top.

Additional Sites

There are links to 114 Web sites relevant to KM accessible from “Records and Information Management Resource List,’ sponsored by the Rio Grande Chapter of ARMA, available at

Discussion List


Note: Many books on KM have been published in recent years. Excellent bibliographic access to them is provided in several of the Web sites already noted. Here, then, are several books often quoted or mentioned. (Access to those in print and those to be published is at

Allee, Verna. The Knowledge Evolution: Expanding Organizational Intelligence. Boston: Butterworth-Heinemann, 1997.

Knowledge Management Consortium Benchmarking Study: Best Practice Report. American Productivity and Quality Center. Houston, Texas,1996. Using Information Technology to Support Knowledge Management, Consortium Benchmarking Study: Best Practice Report. American Productivity and Quality Center. Houston, Texas, 1997.

Choo, C.W. The Knowing Organization: How Organizations Use Information to Construct Meaning, Create Knowledge, and Make Decisions. New York: Oxford University Press, 1998.

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Liebowitz, jay and Lyle C. Wilcox, eds. Knowledge Management and its Integrative Elements. Boca Raton, FL.: CRC Press, 1997.

McKinnon, Sharon M., and William J. Bruns. The Information Mosaic. Harvard Business School Series in Accounting and Control. Boston: Harvard Business School Press,1992.

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Polanyi, Michael. The Tacit Dimension. Garden City, New York: Doubleday Anchor,1967.

Tacit Knowledge. New York: Doubleday, 1966.

Prusak, Laurence, ed. Knowledge in Organizations. Resources for the Knowledge-Based Economy. Boston: Butterworth-Heinemann, 1997.

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Roos, Johan and Georg von Krogh, eds. Organizational Epistemology. New York: Macmillan, 1995.

Saffady, William. Knowledge Management: A Manager’s Briefing. Prairie Village, KS: ARMA International, 1998.

Srihantaiah, T. Kanti and Michael E. D. Koenig. Knowledge Management for the Information Professional. ASIS Monograph Series. Medford, N.J.: Information Today (for ASIS), 2000.

Stewart, Thomas A. Intellectual Capital: The New Wealth of Organizations. New York: Doubleday/ Currency, 1997.

Sveiby, Karl Erik. The New Organizational Wealth: Mangaging & Measuring Knowledge-Based Assets. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 1997

Wiig, Karl M. Knowledge Management Foundations: Thinking About Thinking

– How People and Organizations Represent, Create and Use Knowledge. Arlington, TX: Schema Press,1993.

-. Knowledge Management Methods: Practical Approaches to Managing Knowledge. Arlington, TX: Schema Press,1995.

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Provided by ProQuest Information and Learning Company. All rights Reserved

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