Ride With The Devil

Ride With The Devil

Baehr, Ted


STARRING: Tobey Maguire, Skeet Ulrich, James Caviezel, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Simon Baker, Jeffrey Wright and Jewel



GENRE: Historical Civil War Drama

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Older teenagers and adults


SUMMARY: The new Civil War movie, Ride With the Devil, follows a small group of young Southern guerrilla fighters across seasons and battles, witnessing through their eyes the unpredictable violence, the vulnerability of civilians, the total war of guerrilla warfare. At its heart, amid all the mayhem and death, friendship, loyalty and generosity survive-even a sense of humor. Furthermore, in the end, there is resurrection as the young men reach turning points in the fighting and in themselves.

This is classic filmmaking with a sure and steady hand and a strong moral worldview. No razzle-dazzle here, no self-conscious use of the camera, no tricks. The filmmakers even got the jargon right Its that rare Hollywood event a story of substance told with genuine artistry. Considering what gets “green-lighted’ these days, its nothing short of a miracle that this movie got made, and made with an outstanding cast of newcomers and unknowns at that Containing only one slight anachronism, Ride With the Devil is not only firstclass entertainment it’s a liberating experience. Extreme caution is necessary, however, because of the violence, which is almost unavoidable in a movie of this nature.

CONTENT: Moral worldview with moral and redemptive elements as well as some immoral elements; 33 obscenities but no uses of the F-word, and one profanity-, extreme violence running the gamut from battle scenes, shootings, murders, assassinations, bones stick out, and blood, guts and gore in a Civil War context; implied fornication outside of wedlock, which leads in a unique way to marriage; brief upper-female nudity during breast-feeding scene and mild references to body parts; drinking; smoking; and carousing, deception, jealousy, envy, and cruelty.

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