Breast Care Providers Form New Association

Breast Care Providers Form New Association

Byline: Brook Raflo

Freemont, Calif.

Galvanized by a contracting controversy that involves Coloplast and Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, a group of breast care providers in Northern California last month announced the formation of the industry’s first women’s health-focused association.

Despite the local events that prompted the association’s inception, the American Association of Breast Care Specialists is not a one-issue or one-state organization, said Tricia McMahon, vice president of AABCS, and founder of Bras for Body and Soul. “This situation has been a catalyst for us to organize in an unprecedented way, but we’re in it for the long haul, for the good of the industry,” she explained.

The association is prepared to meet challenges head-on, but its mission involves more than struggle, McMahon continued. “We don’t always have to be issue-driven. We’re still sharing information, empowering each other and growing together as business people and service providers.”

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