Money orders ready to go – Dinero Seguro, nuevo servicio de envío de dinero a México por el Servicio Postal

Money orders ready to go – Dinero Seguro, nuevo servicio de envío de dinero a México por el Servicio Postal – TA: Dinero Seguro, new money transfer service to Mexico by the Postal Service

Dinero Seguro is bringing the global economy with in closer reach

A new electronic money transfer service to Mexico, Dinero Seguro, is now in service throughout Southern California.

Dinero Seguro, which means “sure money,” allows customers at 235 Southern California post offices to send money electronically from the United States to family and friends in Mexico safely and rapidly. Customers at these locations are able to send any amount less than $3,000 per transaction simply by filling out a form and presenting it at the counter of their local post office.

The Postal Service offers Dinero Seguro through a partnership with Bancomer, the largest retail bank in Mexico. The recipient can pick up the cash, in minutes, at any of Bancomer’s more than 1300 branch locations in Mexico.

The Postal Service expects to expand Dinero Seguro to 300 more Southern California post offices within the next few months. Dinero Seguro had been test marketed in select post offices in California and Texas in recent months.

Exchange rates for Dinero Seguro transactions are set by the bank and the exact conversion rate is guaranteed to the sender when the purchase is made.

Dr. Tirso del Junco, the Postal Service’s Chairman of the Board of Governors, and a Pasadena resident, in announcing the new service, said “Dinero Seguro is a product that many hard-working Hispanics throughout this nation have been seeking. They have two trustworthy agents here — the Postal Service with the largest retail network in the United States — and Bancomer, the largest retail bank in Mexico with some 1,300 branches.”

Allen Kane, the Postal Service’s Chief Marketing Officer, said the Postal Service has been in the money moving business for more than 130 years. “Providing an electronic option to consumers today is a logical next step — both for money orders and for the Postal Service.”

Dinero Seguro is also available in Northern California, Texas and Illinois.

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