Bolivar, Liberator Of A Continent

Bolivar, Liberator Of A Continent

Simon Bolivar is a name most North Americans have heard. But sadly few know who he is and why so many streets in South American cities have a street, square, hotel, or any combination of the aforementioned named after him.

There have been many biographies written in Spanish about Bolivar, who is considered the “George Washington of South America.” Bolivar continues to capture the gratitude of a continent. Now, with the publication of the only English language biography in print on Simon Bolivar, this book should be a very popular work in the United States. Author Bill Boyd brings the life of the legendary hero to readers in the United States.

Having visited the home of Simon Bolivar, I found this an especially absorbing work. Bolivar, who died in exile at the age of 47, liberated six Central and South American countries, an area five times larger than Europe, from Spanish rule, and freed South American slaves 40 years before the US. Civil War. He also helped to enact laws to protect the environment, wild life, and the native population of Central and South America.

BOLIVAR is a page turner and one that should be required reading in colleges and universities. It concisely tells the fascinating story of one of the most remarkable freedom fighters in all of history.

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