Nightingale goes back to his roots

Nightingale goes back to his roots

ARCHITECT AND head of leading Healthcare architect Nightingale Associates Mike Nightingale has spearheaded a joint venture with South African design firm Bartsch Architects, in which the two firms will bid for major hospital contracts.

One large scheme was to be announced in January 2004, but South African-born Nightingale could not confirm details to HD. He however admits that the JV has been set up because “there is a lot money in health and education currently in South Africa.” As in the UK, he said, there is “a lot of pressure on the Government to hit the targets.”

Nightingale told HD the firm had a “longstanding relationship” with Bartsch, and it will also be working with female single-hander architect Yasmin Omar-Meer, based in Cape Town, where the JV’s joint office will also be. The JV will operated through the Hospital Design Group, to conform with South African rules.

Nightingales also recently announced that it has entered a five-year £300m-plus contract to design, commission and run a network of ‘treatment centres’ in the UK. As part of the Government’s drive to deliver these privatelyrun units for the NHS, a group of Tribal firms (the parent of Nightingale Associates), including healthcare firm Mercury Health, consultant Secta and US firm Ascent Health, will provide treatment centres across the UK. The first group of centres will complete in 2005.

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