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Training now!

Dear Sir

It was with great interest that I read your piece “The Road to Enlightenment” (HD April 2002), and was glad to learn that the subject of the article Rosemary Glanville thought of herself as a member of the family at MARU – indeed she was. But what was not mentioned in the article was the part that she, together with her colleague Eric Jones, played in developing the postgraduate course, to the point at which the unit was appointed as only one of two World Health Organisation Global Communication Centres in health facility planning.

Being now a consultant of a certain age, I was concerned to read that the consultants now employed to help fill the gap “will soon present an age problem” It was the word “soon” which concerned me – but of course she is right.

This being so, we must get on, as quickly as possible, with training a new generation in planning and design, both in theory and practice, in both university and office.

As a postscript, in last month’s HD (p5), in the update on the Howard Goodman Bursary, you neglected to state that the initiative was and remains a joint endeavour between the Nuffield Trust and Architects for Health.

Raymond Moss

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