Computer locks without wires

Computer locks without wires

Wireless access control helps keep costs down, says Microkey.

Microkey is a computerbased access control system that does not require wires running between the computer and the individual locks. This makes installation easy and keeps costs down, especially on existing buildings, says the manufacturer.

Each lock can be programmed to have one of five different functions which can be easily altered, eliminating the need to change locks if the use of a particular door changes.

Keys can deleted or reinstated and remotely encoded. They can also be date and time limited for individual users, giving a visitor, for example, access to an area for a limited time period.

The lock’s memory holds information on the last 1200 key holders who have used a particular door, including those which have been denied access. Therefore the appropriate locks can be interrogated to help an investigation, says Microkey.

As the computer needn’t be on the same site as the locks, access to different buildings can be controlled from a central office.

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