Easter devotions

Easter devotions

Focus your family’s attention on Easter truths with these ideas.

* Rent and watch the video Jesus of Nazareth. Then discuss: Was the depiction of Christ and his life accurate? What were you thinking and feeling during the Crucifixion and Resurrection scenes? What would you have left out of the video? added?

* Wash each other’s feet. Read aloud John 13:1-17 and discuss: How did it feel to wash each other’s feet? Why did Jesus give us this example to follow? What was Jesus showing us by doing this? How can we “wash others’ feet”?

* Plan and prepare a traditional Passover or Seder meal. Check out a book from your local library on the Passover or Seder meal to act as a guide. After the meal, read aloud Exodus 12:1-30 and Mark 14:12-26. Discuss: How does the Jewish Passover meal compare to the Lord’s Supper? Then read aloud John 1:29-34; 1 Corinthians 5:6-8; and 1 Peter 1: 13-21. Discuss: Compare the lamb in the Exodus verses and the Lamb of God in the New Testament verses.

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