Spotlight on Irrigation

Spotlight on Irrigation

Consistent Dosage

Dosatron USA:

The D100R chemical dispenser is compact, preset at 1:100 and offers a thoroughly mixed, consistent fertilizer solution. This nonelectric unit is ideally suited for water flows up to seven GPM, and perfect for smaller specialty applications, hobbyists and homeowners.

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Go With The Flow


The Aquamat Irrigation system manufactured by Soleno Textiles and represented by ARI of Belmont, Calif., is a multi-layer textile mat irrigation system that can be used on greenhouse benches. The system provides total containment of runoff, and can reduce water usage up to 60 percent. It’s completely self-contained with internal irrigation tubes, but also can be used with overhead irrigation systems.

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Keeping Cool


The aluminum poly-rail system features lightweight aluminum sections that resist corrosion and maintain a cooler water temperature while eliminating sagging lines. The simple “U” design makes it easy to install and versatile to use with upright, drop inversion and overhead irrigation, or horizontally with drip lines and supply lines.

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Shut It Off


The full-flow, “74” Shut-Off Valve is great for effective and fast watering. It’s more durable than regular plastic because it’s made from fiber-filled polypropylene. The large handle makes turning water on and off easy, and it’s less expensive than brass.

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Control The Flow

Hunter Industries:

The SVC battery-operated irrigation controller can be programmed to meet the watering needs of greenhouse operations. The SVC installs at the valve and operates on a 9-volt battery. It can be adjusted to work with all types of automated irrigation systems and is waterproof and humidity resistant.

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Supply Side

John Deere Landscapes:

The company has released its Nursery & Agricultural Irrigation and Supplies catalog, a 100-page publication designed specifically for grower and nursery operations. It includes hundreds of products from the leading manufacturers and is available free by calling 800-347-4272 or via the Web at

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Hitting The Mark

Irrometer Company:

The battery-powered Watermark Monitor is a new addition to the line of soil moisture measurement equipment. It automatically reads and records Watermark sensors, and will record up to eight sensor inputs. The user can select from soil moisture sensors, soil temperature sensors and/or switch closure sensors for each of the input ports. Software is included.

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Cover Your Area

Senninger Irrigation Inc.:

The Xcel-Wobbler has a unique, off-center rotary action that provides uniform distribution to maximize the area of coverage. It features low pressure operation with very low evaporative loss, and its new balanced design produces a smooth, stable performance. It also only has one moving part for longer life.

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