Open the Door to 2004

Funk, Jennifer

IN 2004, the future looks impressive for new products available to growers and retailers. From classic products that have been improved to brand new ideas and environmentally safe alternatives, this crop of new products has it all. For more information on any product featured, circle the reader service number on the card following page 72.

We extend our thanks to all the companies that submitted information for “Open The Door To 2004.”


Rapid Automated Systems, Inc.:

The new Rapid Wire machine makes the tedious, labor-intensive task of installing wire hangers fast and easy. With Rapid Wire, the user places the basket under the crimping assembly and inserts the wire into the guide. When the wire hits the trigger, the cylinders actuate, crimping the end of the wire. The unique crimp is strong, secure and at uniform length.

Reader Service No. 300

Automatic Filters, Inc.:

From the TEKLEEN line of products, the company is introducing TEKRINSE technology. This new technology makes rinsing cycles last only five seconds and uses less than two gallons of water. It does not interrupt the main flow and works with TEKLEEN filters for drip irrigation Systems. The filters are automatic and self-cleaning, filtering out particulates that can clog irrigation systems.

Reader Service No. 301


Blackmore Co., Inc.:

The new juMBO Ellepots are ideal for producing plants from cuttings, plugs or seeds for sale to landscaper accounts or any application in which plastic pots or cell packs are not required. Ellepots in 50, 60, 70 or 80 mm sizes pull easily from growing or pot carrier trays, and are quickly planted, leaving no pots or cell packs to collect and discard from the job site or by the homeowner.

Reader Service No. 302

Ball seed:

New Simply Beautiful Premium Mint Packs are thermoform embossed 606 packs with printed, easy-to-carry handles. The packs feature “E-Z Pop-Up” buttons and a community watering design for better retail shelf life. A mint green 10-inch by 20-inch tray holds three six-packs and fits through a standard flat-filler machine.

Reader Service No. 303

Cortec Corp.:

Eco Works films and bags offer the superior strength properties found in nonbiodegradable plastics without sacrificing biodegradability or compostability. The biobased film can replace high- and low-density polyethylene films in a wide variety of applications, including for construction landscaping and agricultural use. The Eco Works bags and film can hold wet, and hot organic material for weeks to months, and within a matter of weeks in commercial compost can convert to carbon dioxide and water.

Reader Service No. 304

Dillen Products:

The new 10.00 Traditional Saucerless “T” hanging basket offers a space-saving size, which allows growers to get more baskets per bench and more baskets on a shipping cart shelf. Featuring a smooth, 323-cubic-inch, bowl-shape design that is easy to clean, the basket includes an internal capillary dish and saucerless water reservoir. The new basket accepts a variety of hangers.

Reader Service No. 305

Highland Supply Co.:

Monza and Tesseras plant wrapping sheets were developed to improve the quality of floral packaging and reduce labor and material costs. The new sheets utilize a base sheet – the Monza, as well as strips of different materials, the Tesseras – attached to the base sheet. They come in a variety of sizes, styles, colors, prints and materials that give the look of multiple sheets.

Reader Service No. 306

Hiimmert International:

PlanTags Custom Labeling System offers the ability to make custom labels, tags, signs and stickers. The paper stock is water and fertilizer resistant, tear resistant and UV-tolerant for up to six months. The user-friendly Brandsoft software utilizes your custom database of botanical names and common plant names, bar codes, prices, photos, descriptions and logos.

Reader Service No. 307

Pride Garden Products

The new Sedona Copper Collection will help plant materials stand out. They are made from natural copper to last, are watertight to prevent spills indoors and develop an elegant blue-gray patina over time. They can be a decorative cover for finished grower plastic pots, or holes may be drilled for direct planting and drainage.

Reader Service No. 308

Rainbow Garden Products:

Natural Mini Planters are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Woven over sturdy wire frames, they are strong and durable. They can add value to Easter, Mother’s Day or everyday sales. Plant directly in the basket or set prefinished pots inside. They will accommodate pot sizes from 4 to 8 inches.

Reader Service No. 309


Argus Control Systems:

Argus has expanded its line of moisture sensing products to include tensiometers, load cells and conductivity-based probes. These sensors have been designed and selected for optimum performance with Argus control systems, and they can be useful in a wide range of monitoring and control applications. Each style of sensor has distinct features and advantages.

Reader Service No. 310

Central Boiler:

This company has taken its ultra-efficient wood burning furnace design, The Classic, and added a dual fuel option. This option offers four different modes of operation, offering the economical choice of wood and the convenience of fuel oil, propane or natural gas.

Reader Service No. 311

lrrometer Co.:

The Watermark Monitor has been added to Irrometer’s line of soil moisture measurement and control equipment. It automatically reads and records up to eight Watermark sensors. Software for programming and down-loading the collected readings is included and the battery powered monitor is easily field mounted. Real-time soil moisture readings can be displayed in the field, while accumulated data is downloaded for graphical display on a personal computer.

Reader Service No. 312

Priva Computers Inc.:

Priva Office 3 is an umbrella program that bundles different Priva computer programs, each with their own specific function. These programs include Supervision, Meteovision, Enervision and Powervision. In Priva Office 3, PCs can be networked together, enabling data to be shared among programs. It is password and rights protected, allowing users access to view and modify on different levels.

Reader Service No. 313

Spectrum Technologies, Inc.:

The Field Scout Direct Soil EC probe permits instant, accurate measurements of salts in media, water or nutrient solutions. It can be used to measure soil salinity in greenhouse soil media right on the spot without conducting soil sampling and soil preparation. Immediately compare readings from plant to plant and fine-tune a fertility program. Includes case, calibration standards and battery.

Reader Service No. 314

Sunlight Supply inc.:

The Tek-Light T5 high output fluorescent lighting fixtures offer super high lumen output without the heat factor of high intensity discharge lights. It is ideal for all stages of plant growth, from propagation to maturity. Tek-Lights are available in several widths and lengths and can be mixed to provide full-spectrum lighting. The fixtures feature a durable, black, powder-coated housing with 95 percent reflective German-made aluminum reflectors.

Reader Service No. 315

Waclsworth Control Systems:

The STEPsaver software is to be used with EnviroSTEP or MicroSTEP greenhouse computers and can speed up access to data and analysis. It saves time when it comes to advanced data logging and graphing of sensors and greenhouse equipment; monitoring and updating capability from a PC; and investigating alarms and applying fixes. It offers permanent data storage on. the PC and Wadsworth offers remote training and technical support.

Reader Service No. 316


Antal/Cayson Equipment:

The Plug Popper Grande accommodates trays up to 12-inches by 24-inches and with its interchangeable feature, you can change tray styles and sizes in just a few minutes. Effortlessly with foot treadle activation, plugs pop loose from their trays with no damage to roots or stems. The machine provides increased productivity and loss prevention. It has heavy duty, 12-gauge steel construction and a durable, powder coat finish.

Reader Service No. 317

A-V International:

The company has display and shipping carts made with fiberglass frames and plastic bench tops, the same material used in its bench systems. The carts are available in several sizes and come with adjustable shelves and 5-inch casters. Single-tier benches, multi-tier display benches or rolling benches also are available in standard or custom sizes, with various leg options such as removable legs, fiberglass folding legs and fiberglass fixed legs.

Reader Service No. 318

LB. White Co.:

GreenGro vent-free heaters are CSA-certified specifically for greenhouses. GreenGro’s design delivers a safe, clean CO2-enriched environment thai exceeds U.S. greenhouse combustion standards for CO, NO^sub 2^, CO2 and ethylene. Offered in both 120,000 and 220,000 Btu/H natural or propane gas models, all GreenGro heaters operate with 99.7 percent fuel conversion efficiency.

Reader Service No. 319

Southwest Agri-Plastics:

The new Dura-Bench plastic bench top is engineered to replace wood, wire and expanded metal on greenhouse benches at a comparable price. The nonporous polypropylene plastic material eliminates rot, cracks, splinters, rust and sharp edges found on other types of bench tops. It is available in overlap and nonoverlap design. The overlap connects on all four sides of the panel, allowing any combination of bench sizes to be designed and fabricated. The nonoverlap design is specifically for a 4-inch wide bench.

Reader Service No. 320

SBI Nursery

The Handheld Inventory Manager is an easy-to-use inventory control the grower can take anywhere. Growers can plant new items, count, dump, transfer, change ready dates, update status and add comments for availability lists. Growers then return to the office and drop the handheld in a cradle to update the inventory system with the changes. It takes less than 15 minutes to learn how to use it.

Reader Service No. 321

Tipper Tie-Net

The company’s plug tray netting is designed to save plugs, eliminate shipping damage and eliminate freight claims. Manufactured in West Chicago, the netting is available in sizes and meshes to wrap up any size tray.

Reader Service No. 322


J.R. Peters, Inc.:

Recent additions to this company’s list of more than 40 stock fertilizer formulas include two new orchid fertilizers designed to match specific types of water. They are 12-3-15 Orchid RO (reverse osmosis) Type Water and 16-4-20 Orchid Well Water. The first is for very low alkalinity waters, and the J.R. Peters pH Adjuster Plus is recommended for use with the formula. The second is a neutral formula that will not raise or lower media pH.

Reader Service No. 323


Jarchem Industries, Inc.:

Jartherm is a resin that absorbs and desorbs water as temperature changes. It comes in a white powder form that can absorb water of about 100 times its own weight at temperatures below its thermo-sensitive point and hardly absorbs water at temperatures above it. If it is mixed into soil, it holds water supplied by irrigation or rain and as the earth temperature rises, it desorbs its water into soil. It comes in polymers that release at 20°C, 30°C and 40°C, hence the names Jartherm 20, 30 and 40.

Reader Service No. 324

Proven Winners

The new 16-quart bag of Premium Potting Soil from Sunshine has an easyto-carry handle and also comes in a 1.5-cubic-foot size for large projects. It is the highest quality, professional greenhouse-grade peat moss, composted bark and perlite, and contains Dolomite to buffer soil pH, a starter fertilizer charge and a professional wetting agent. Its all-purpose formula is ideal for all types of plants and growing conditions.

Reader Service No. 325

Signature Supply:

Medius is a homogenous horticultural foam material designed to give the grower a consistent and cohesive growing media. The brown foam is clean, has neutral pH and exhibits uniform hydrology. Medius can be fabricated to fit a wide variety of tray sizes and the highly porous foam maintains a 60/40 air to water ratio, as well as builds a superior root system and retains hydration.

Reader Service No. 326


Dosatron USA:

The D100R chemical dispenser is compact, preset at 1:100 and offers a thoroughly mixed, consistent fertilizer solution. This nonelectric unit is ideally suited for water flows up to seven GPM, perfect for smaller specialty applications, hobbyists and homeowners.

Reader Service No. 327

Senninger Irrigation:

The new Xcel-Wobbler has an off-center rotary action that provides uniform coverage over a large area at low pressures with low evaporative loss. The balanced design produces smooth, stable performance with only one moving part for longer life. It is built for strength and durability from high-impact, engineering-grade thermoplastics. Flows rates range from 0.78 to 7.64 gallons per minute (0.05 to 0.47 liters per second). Inlet sizes are 0.5 inches or 0.75 inches NPT male, with high-angle (24 degree) and mid-angle (18-degree) models available.

Reader Service No. 328


Agra Tech:

The new outdoor retractable shade structure has a push-pull system that maximizes operating efficiency while placing minimal strain on the structure. Powered by Agra Tech’s certified motor/gearboxes and controllers, it can be manually operated or computerized. In the event of a power failure, the system has a built-in manual drive outlet. It is available in 42-inch or 30-inch clear span trusses, 12-inch, on-center spacing and any eave height.

Reader Service No. 329


Flex Vent is a patented, center arch roof ventilation system that promises excellent ventilation at a reasonable cost. FlexVent uses Dynaglas panels and eliminates the need for most costly aluminum and steel vent hardware. It easily accommodates insect screens and features built-in condensation control. The FlexVent is available for Kroon or Vanalphen greenhouse designs.

Reader Service No. 330


The newest model of the Enthusiast Special Edition greenhouse comes with two roof vents and one side vent. The SnapGlas polycarbonate panels are as clear as glass but less expensive. It is easy to assemble and is small enough for personal use or for additional protection against winter frost for collectors.

Reader Service No. 331


The XLS Firebreak is an improved version of the XLS climate screens, designed to limit panel-to-panel spread with a firebreak section along both edges of each screen. Firebreak is to be used in flat, sliding systems partially containing fire-resistant support wires to achieve the intended fire limiting performance. It is available in shading versions from 12 percent to 99.9 percent.

Reader Service No. 332


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