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Bogard, Jeannine R

Goldsmith Seeds’ Bayou begonias:

GOLDSMITH Seeds’ new Bayou landscape begonia series is destined to become a strong favorite among both landscapers and consumers due to its carefree versatility in sun or shade (whether in the bed or containers), low maintenance, and ability to withstand heat stress during the dog days of summer.

The Bayou Advantage

Big is better when it comes to the Bayou begonia series. Its larger, more upright habit really fills in garden, beds, crowding out competing weeds and reducing the need for weeding. Plus, the larger foliage of Bayou allows the plants to collect water from rain and irrigation and trickle it down to the roots, making the series very water efficient in the landscape. For nonstop color from spring until frost, use the taller, larger Bayou begonias in containers and garden beds.

In addition to answering the needs of the landscape trade with its vigorous habit, Bayou should be considered the economical begonia of choice for large container programs. A single plant will easily fill out a four-inch container, and Bayou will be a knock-out in gallon programs. The full, bushy plants have irresistible appeal at retail, especially when promoted under The Flower Fields brand.

Culture Tips

Bayou has been bred for vigor and robust performance both in the greenhouse and the garden. Its strong seedling vigor produces full plug trays which are quite compatible with automatic transplanters.

Plug Production. Bayou has the same culture as other fibrous begonias. During plug production avoid ammonium-based fertilizers, which may inhibit root growth during germination and subsequent growth. In addition, begonia roots require high levels of oxygen once roots begin to actively grow.

Media. Allow media to change color from dark black to medium brown before watering.

Light. Begonias are light accumulators – the more light received, the faster the crop will grow and flower. Long days will increase the growth rate. Excess light levels can cause marginal leaf burn on young plants.

Water. Remember to water early in the day to avoid leaf burn when leaf temperatures are high. When it comes to growth regulators, Cycocel will not hasten flowering, but will increase the number of flowers. Cycocel treatments can begin two weeks after transplanting at 500 ppm to 1000 ppm.

When troubleshooting culture issues, tall and stretched plants with few flowers indicate too much or too little phosphorus. Stunted, chlorotic plants with marginal leaf burn indicate a lack of calcium and magnesium.

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Jeannine R. Bogard is an account manager/technical writer at Goldsmith Seeds, 800-549-0158; fax 408-848-5429; e-mail

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