Crop protection 2005 survey

crop protection 2005 survey

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Floramite SC from Crompton Crop Protection is registered in all states for control of mites on all ornamental plants plus nonbearing fruit trees and greenhouse vegetables greater than 1 inch in diameter when mature. Floramite SC has a 12-hour reentry interval (REI).

“A single application of Floramite SC stops tough two-spotted spider mites from egg to adult,” says Steve Kant at Crompton Crop Protection. “It delivers more than 28 days of residual control and is easy on beneficial insects and predatory mites.”

Reader Service No. 312


Companion Dry Concentrate containing Bacillus subtilis GB03 has been granted a zero-hour REI label by the EPA. Responding to the need for an effective dry microbial product that can be easily incorporated into growing media, Growth Products Ltd. developed Companion Dry Concentrate.

“Companion Dry stimulates quicker and more abundant seed germination and produces a healthier, cleaner and more vigorous root system,” says Nicole Campbell, director of marketing with Growth Products. “It significantly increases fresh shoot weights, flowers and fruiting while protecting against disease.”

Reader Service No. 313

Subdue MAXX fungicide from Syngenta Professional Products received supplemental labeling from the EPA for special local application in the state of California for the control of Phytophthora spp., including Phytophthora ramorum, the pathogen that causes Sudden Oak Death in ornamental plants. Foliar applications of Subdue MAXX have been approved for greenhouse, container and field-grown ornamental plants in nurseries, landscape plantings and conifers grown in nurseries and plantations.

Reader Service No. 314

Phyton Corp. continues to expand California labeling of Phyton-27 bactericide and fungicide. Key new registered uses include broad labeling to control Pseudomonas on delphinium, ipomoea and zinnia; Erwinia on kalanchoe; Cercospora on pansy; downy mildew on salvia; Volutella on pachysandra; Xanthomonas leafspot on begonia and poinsettia; Phytophthora on African violet; and rust on dracaena.

Reader Service No. 315

Agrisel USA Inc. has introduced Chlorosel Pro 720 to control all major diseases and fungus. Chlorosel 720 is registered in all major growing states except California for use on turf, ornamentals, golf courses, trees, vines and vegetables. This new formulation is a new flowable chlorothalanil with 720 grams of active ingredient.

“Chlorosel Pro 720 features a broad spectrum label for turf, ornamental and farm crop uses,” says Agrisel USA President Art Assad. “It has economical use rates and cost per acre.”

Reader Service No. 316

Agrisel USA also released BIO PHO Pro, a systemic fungicide for killing and controlling diseases and fungus. The fungicide has full EPA registration in all states for control of all major fungus and diseases commonly found on turf, ornamentals, golf courses and nonbearing fruit trees. BIO PHO Pro fits into all IPM and biological programs.

Reader Service No. 317

Physan 20 from Maril Products Inc. received registration in all states as an algaecide, bactericide, virucide and fungicide on ornamental crops. The active ingredients double quaternary ammonium chlorides control a wide range of diseases including Botrytis, rots, canker, mildew, Anthracnose and wilt.

Reader Service No. 318

AgraQuest Inc. has introduced Serenade Garden Concentrate for broad spectrum control of diseases confronting home gardeners. Serenade Garden’s organic formula provides effective control against many important garden problems such as mildews, molds, blights, leaf spots and rusts while protecting roses, vegetables, fruits, flowering plants, trees and shrubs.

“Families with kids and pets playing near the garden can confidently use AgraQuest’s garden products,” says Director of Marketing Julie Versman. “Serenade Garden is so safe you can harvest and enjoy your fruits, veggies and flowers the same day you apply the product.”

Reader Service No. 319

Natural Industries Inc. announced EPA registration of Actinovate SP as a biological fungicide. Actinovate SP is labeled for turf, greenhouse and nursery crops and can be used on and with all food crops. The product has a zero-hour REI for soil incorporation or drench and a four-hour REI for all other applications. The active ingredient in Actinovate SP is Streptomyces lydicus strain WYEC 108, a root colonizing bacterium.

Reader Service No. 320

BioSafe Systems announces a new zero-hour REI for TerraCyte, a broad spectrum algaecide and fungicide.

Reader Service No. 321

Nemasys F, a biopesticide from Becker Underwood, has changed its label to include biopesticide control of both fungus gnats and western flower thrips. The active ingredient is the beneficial nematode strain Steinernema feltiae.

Reader Service No. 322


New uses have been added to the label of Revolver from Bayer Environmental Science. Approved by the EPA, new uses include application on additional varieties of zoysiagrass and bermudagrass.

“Several more warm-season turf varieties tolerant to Revolver were added to the label, including Baby bermuda-grass and the zoysiagrass varieties Jamar, Palisades, Zeon, Zenith, El Toro and Cavalier, “says Don Myers, herbicide development manager for Bayer. “To clarify how to use the product, a statement has been added recommending Revolver treatments occur in spring through fall when average daily temperatures are above 55°F.”

Reader Service No. 323

Agrisel USA has received registration for Surflan Pro in all major states (including California) for control of weeds and grasses on crops including turf, ornamentals, trees and vines. Surflan Pro is available in new quart containers for smaller uses.

“Surflan Pro is a highly effective preemergent weed killer,” says Agrisel President Art Assad. “It is conveniently packaged in 2 ½ gallon and quart containers.”

Reader Service No. 324

The Scotts Co. released Kansel + herbicide for control of more than 35 broadleaf and grassy weeds on perennials. Kansel + is registered for use in all states except California, Washington, Florida, Hawaii, Oregon and Texas and is ideal for use with other herbicides.

Reader Service No. 325


Fine Americas Inc. announced the EPA registration of Fresco, a new plant growth regulator for use in commercial lily production. When applied directly to lower leaves as a preventative measure, Fresco delays leaf yellowing and necrosis. Fresco is labeled for direct foliar sprays on Easter lilies, LA Hybrid lilies and Oriental lilies.

“We are extremely pleased to provide Fresco to lily growers in the U.S.,” says Greg Johnson with Fine Americas. “It will enable them to produce a higher quality crop and as a result helps produce a more profitable crop.”

Reader Service No. 326


IPM Laboratories has released Athetacoriaria, a predatory beetle of fungus gnats and thrips pupae on greenhouse ornamentals and vegetables. The voracious, fast moving fliers are aggressive predators of eggs, pupae and larvae in a wide temperature range.

Reader Service No. 327

EPA recently registered Valent Professional Products’ Safari insecticide for quicker knockdown and residual control of a broader range of insects including whitefly, aphid, scale, fungus gnat and mealy bug. With the active ingredient dinotefuran, Safari is a next-generation neonicotinoid insecticide that makes a good tank mix with other insecticides like Orthene TT&O.

“Safari is more water-soluble than other insecticides in its class,” says Valent’s Mike Riffle. “It is super systemic and is taken up in the plant quicker and in larger quantities, which means it works faster and lasts longer to control a broad spectrum of insects.”

Reader Service No. 328

Cleary Chemical Corp. announced the EPA granted a reduced REI of 12 hours for TriStar 70 WSP insecticide.

Reader Service No. 329

Pursell Technologies Inc. released PRECISE greenhouse and nursery systemic insecticide for use on container grown nursery stock including azalea, camelia, crape myrtle, holly, poinsettia, rhododendron and viburnum. Some benefits listed include performance, longevity and worker/applicator safety.

Reader Service No. 330

Syngenta Professional Products received registration for Flagship in 46 states, including all major growing states. Flagship controls a wide range of pests on ornamental plants grown in greenhouses, lath and shade houses, containers, field nurseries and on Christinas trees.

“As a systemic insecticide, Flagship offers the option of soil drench or foliar spray applications to control sucking and chewing pests,” says Chuck Buffington at Syngenta. “When applied to the plant foliage, Flagship is readily absorbed into plant tissues and is rainfast once it has dried.”

Reader Service No. 331

FMC Corp. announced registration for Aria in all U.S. states for controlling sucking insects in greenhouses. Aria controls aphids, thrips, whiteflies, leafhoppers, mealybugs and other plant pests, and has a 12-hour REI.

“Aria’s advanced flonicamid chemistry provides an innovative mode of action, stopping aphids from feeding within one hour of treatment and eliminating them altogether in three to five days,” says Michele Imel at FMC. “It’s a softer, ‘green’ chemistry around birds, honeybees and beneficiais.”

Reader Service No. 332


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