A Cartoon History of the Earth

A Cartoon History of the Earth

Michael Ball

A Cartoon History of the Earth

Dinosaurs, volcanoes, fossils, asteroids and the Stone Age are topics that interest many young, often male, students, but finding books that provide factual information on these topics and catch and maintain their interest is difficult.

Colorful, informative and easily understood, the four books in this series offer a solution to this problem.

The Birth of the Earth, The Dawn of Life, The Day of the Dinosaurs and The Stick and Stone Age provide a great introduction to four early periods of the earth’s history. Each 32-page title uses clearly labeled diagrams, simple story lines, a glossary and numerous pictures to introduce some sophisticated geologic, scientific and historical concepts, theories and facts.

These books would be an excellent addition to a resource center that is trying to provide answers to some of the many questions from enquiring minds ages 8-12. – (MB)

ISBN 1-55337-080-5, 1-55337-081-3, 155337-082-1, & 1-55337-083-X; 2001, 32 pp. each. In Canada, $7.95 plus $5 s&h from U of T Press, (800) 565-9523; in the U.S., $7.95 plus s&h from Kids Can Press U.S., (866) 481-5827,


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