MBA program garners another landmark ranking for LSU business school

LSU Flores MBA Program: MBA program garners another landmark ranking for LSU business school


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In the fall of 2006, LSU’s Flores MBA Program debuted as one of the country’s top 10 MBA schools as ranked by regional corporate recruiters in a Wall Street Journal/Harris Interactive survey.

The universities and colleges included in the study were rated on 21 key attributes by recruiters who routinely visit the schools. Communication ability, integrity, success with past hires and leadership potential were among the criteria evaluated by the recruiters.

While the LSU E. J. Ourso College of Business Flores MBA Program had never been ranked before, the school’s No. 9 ranking did not surprise Exxon’s global development manager for upstream controllers, James Ramsey. For the past 15 years, Ramsey has recruited finance, accounting, MBA and systems graduates across the world and has served as the company’s team captain at LSU.

“The faculty and administrators at LSU have consistently focused on improving the program and the student body. It’s a common theme. They knew what they needed to do to have a high-quality program. LSU has made a conscious attempt to raise the quality of the students,” says Ramsey.” It’s good they’re being recognized for the effort and thought they put into the process.”

Established in 1938 and endowed by James C. and Cherie H. Flores in 1997, the MBA program has consistently worked to enhance the learning of students through both theory and realworld experience. One of the most interesting real-world experiences MBAs can partake of is the Modern Chinese Business and Culture Program.

“The Modern Chinese Business and Culture Program is timely and of great value for many MBA students,” says E. J. Ourso College Associate Dean David Crary. “Since most of our graduates will spend a part of their career with organizations involved in international trade, the opportunity to travel to Asia and experience, even briefly, a culture very foreign to most Americans is a useful first step in creating the mind-set required in the decades ahead.”

E. J. Ourso College students and faculty have garnered top honors in various competitions and high rankings from academic accrediting agencies. The Louisiana Business & Technology Center was named the country’s Incubator of the Year in 2005, and the school is also noted for having the world’s top internal audit program.

“Although there is no direct correlation between the awards and the Wall Street Journal ranking, they are all reflections of the level of excellence the college has achieved,” says E. J. Ourso College Dean Robert Sumichrast. “We provide highly educated MBAs for Louisiana and nationally to help fuel economic development. Flores MBAs are leaders in multiple industries.”

According to Ramsey, one reason Flores MBAs achieve success is their initial mindset.

“One reason I like the students coming out of the Flores program is they have high career aspirations,” says Ramsey. “You might say all MBAs do, but I think the LSU grads have realistic expectations. It’s a good fit for our sup supervisory/management model. And they’re just as smart as anybody else.”

Beyond providing bragging rights for LSU’s 3,000 business school graduates, the WSJ ranking appears to have resulted in a 63% increase in Flores MBA applications, including a 47% growth in out-of-state applicants.

Still, Flores MBA Associate Director Bridget Verret says many Baton Rougeans have yet to realize the significance of the award-winning program at the state’s flagship university.” There’s a program right here that can make a difference in their careers,” Verret says. “There are three different tracks available: one for full-time students, plus executive and professional options on and off-campus for those who need to work full-time while they pursue a degree.”

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