Wario World

Wario World

For some strange reason, Nintendo hasn’t talked about Wario World the way it does its other major releases. The company has mostly kept silent, almost as if it’s hiding something, and only recently did it confirm rumors that Treasure is developing the game. It doesn’t make much sense, because Wario World is nothing to be ashamed of—it’s a fun, imaginative platformer that, though easily and quickly completed, is another solid first-party GameCube title.

The game is missing Wario’s signature transformations, but Treasure still successfully captured the spirit of the Game Boy’s Wario Land series with fast-paced platform jumping, simple-yet-fun combat, and quirky design. In a nice change of pace for a Nintendo platformer, Wario World plays more like a 2D game with linear level goals than the free-roaming paradise that is Mario Sunshine. But it’s also a problem, as Wario World is far too easy and far too short. There are just eight true levels, and while each is distinctly entertaining, none is especially lengthy or difficult. The same can be said for the eight boss battles; you might run out of hearts a few times, but it only costs 50 coins to continue, and with a bankroll in the thousands, you can easily swing it.

There is some added value, though. Wario World contains several bonus levels similar to Mario’s FLUDD-less adventures from Sunshine. You can also download WarioWare, Inc. trial games to your GBA. But the short length and repeat enemies keep Wario World from being a must-buy. If a sequel doubles the number of levels and increases the penalty for dying, then we’ll talk. Until then, we’ll just be content knowing Nintendo and Treasure remain a

good match.

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