Sam & Max: Freelance Police

Sam & Max: Freelance Police

Classic gaming franchises never die, they just get resurrected when you least expect it. Sam & Max: Freelance Police is the sequel to 1993’s Sam & Max Hit the Road, a wacky adventure starring a dog in a rumpled suit and fedora and a cute but psychotic rabbit. Sam & Max was part of the original great LucasArts adventure-games series that included such classics as Day of the Tentacle and Grim Fandango, all of which held a special place in the hearts of many old-school PC gamers.

There aren’t a lot details about what kind of weirdness our intrepid freelance cops (they’re not private detectives, they’re freelance cops, got it?) will be up to this time around, but LucasArts promises “a wild world of screwy and vaguely quixotic missions.” Like any good adventure game, it will be rife with puzzles that will surely have the inimitable twist LucasArts adventure games are known for.

The game should look a lot different, too. Gone is the first game’s flat (albeit richly illustrated) 2D world, replaced by a very clean-looking 3D engine. The detail is so nice, you can practically smell the blood on Max’s teeth.

LucasArts took a stab at reviving another one of its cartoonish adventure games from the same era when it announced Full Throttle II earlier this year. Sadly, that game got canned because it just wasn’t up to the company’s high standards. Let’s hope the same fate doesn’t befall Sam and Max.

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