Pac-Man Vs.

Pac-Man Vs.

Andrew Pfister

In 1980, Namco introduced Pac-Man: a rather simple arcade game that features a manly yellow ball that navigates through mazes and eats smaller yellow balls before he himself is devoured by a patrol of colored ghosts. Now, 23 years later, through several generations of technologically marvelous hardware and numerous innovations in the way gaming software is designed, Pac Man Vs. offers…pretty much the same thing, but with four players.

But hey, we liked it back then, and we really like it now. With only one Game Boy Advance required for play, Pac-Man Vs. is a great realization of Nintendo’s much-vaunted connectivity strategy. The game is designed to be played in short bursts: Players select one of six mazes and play the game as it was intended: Three ghosts hunt down Pac-Man. If they catch him, they get the points. If Pac-Man clears the maze, he gets the points. Simple.

The good news is that Pac-Man Vs. is absolutely free. The bad news is that the only way to get it is by purchasing R: Racing Evolution, I-Ninja, or the greatest-hits reissue of Pac-Man World 2. If you were already going to buy any of those games (Pac-Man World 2’s not too bad), then hey, it’s still good news.

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