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Marin, Joseph

In March 2003, GATFPress releases The PDF Print Production Guide, written by GATF experts Joseph Marin and Julie Shaffer, prepress technologist/instructor and director respectively of GATF’s Robert Howard Center for Imaging Excellence (CIE).

This much-anticipated how-to book addresses PDF as it relates to prepress and high-end print production, including problems, solutions, and techniques. Heavily illustrated, step-by-step instructions on fixing familiar errors found in PDF files as well as specific procedures for creating print-perfect PDF files are the heart of this book. Also, an entire chapter has been devoted to answering common PDF questions taken directly from GATF training programs and seminars.

The following excerpt was taken from Chapter 5: Common PDF Problems and Solutions of The PDF Print Production Guide.

PDF Tips and Tricks: Editing an Entire Paragraph

Generally speaking, editing or correcting a PDF file is not always as simple as it would be using native applications. Adobe Acrobat alone is not a particularly robust PDF editing tool. However, by adding third-party plug-ins, Acrobat can be turned into a fairly powerful PDF editor. Plug-ins such as Enfocus PitStop Professional, Quite A Box Of Tricks, and others will give you the ability to correct missing bleeds, embed fonts, change color spaces, and scale objects.

The following example (seen on pages 22 and 23), however, shows you how to edit a paragraph of text in a PDF file using Acrobat’s TouchUp Object tool.

The Robert Howard Center for Imaging Excellence (CIE) is an electronic prepress training and production facility at the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation. Joseph Marin is the prepress technologist/instructor for the CIE. He specializes in prepress and prepress instruction and leads or contributes to several GATF training programs, conducts seminars at leading trade shows, performs technical consultations for commercial and in-plant printers, and is a contributing author to GATF curriculums and publications. Julie Shaffer is the director of the CIE, managing GATF’s prepress labs and production facility and overseeing the Foundation’s internal prepress production workflow. Shaffer instructs in a number of GATF workshops, conducts training seminars around the country, and performs technical consultations. She is a frequent contributor to GATF publications.

by Joseph Marin, Prepress Technologist/Instructor and Julie Shaffer, Director, Robert Howard Center for Imaging Excellence

Copyright Graphic Arts Technical Foundation Mar/Apr 2003

Provided by ProQuest Information and Learning Company. All rights Reserved

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