1) Goldeneye—N64

This was the game that made the world sit up and notice Rare. Console players had never played such a deep (and fun) first-person shooter.

2) R.C. Pro-Am—NES

Rare programmed a ton of lousy NES games, but R.C. Pro-Am isn’t one of them. This classic is way old, but it’s still one of our favorite racing games.

3)Donkey Kong Country—SNES

Just when everyone thought that the SNES was dead, along came DKC and its gorgeous graphics to show that the system still had legs.

4) Star Fox Adventures—GC

Just before Nintendo and Rare split, this final joint effort was released. By now, we probably don’t have to tell you why this game is so good.

5) Battletoads—NES

The Battletoads were a parody of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and their debut game was one of the best (and most difficult) NES games around.

6) Perfect Dark—N64

Sure, Bond didn’t star in it, but Perfect Dark is the spiritual sequel to Goldeneye. Now, we’re dying to see the prequel, Perfect Dark Zero on the Xbox.

7) Blast Corps—N64

This oft-overlooked action/puzzle game has you driving a variety of vehicles through cities, knocking down buildings to clear a path for a runaway truck.

8) Conker’s Bad Fur Day—N64

We got to see Rare’s randier side with this naughty title. Swear words and toilet humor (sometimes literally) ensured that the kiddies wouldn’t be playing.

9) Banjo-Tooie—N64

Yeah, we know. The Banjo games were fetch-quests/scavenger hunts/whatever you wanna call ’em. Regardless, this was a pretty good one.

10) Anticipation—NES

Another 8-bit title, this one isn’t a big name, but it was a great, Pictionary-inspired board game for the entire family.

* Rare meaning the company Rare, not rare in the valuable and hard-to-find sense.

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