Star Fox Adventures

Star Fox Adventures

May 2000: Rare, the company responsible for Goldeneye 007 and Banjo Kazooie, shows the gaming press a preliminary build of its next big N64 cart, Dinosaur Planet. The company puts the game on its website, and electronics stores start taking customer pre-orders.

May 2001: Dinosaur Planet is officially cancelled. The Nintendo 64 is dying, and most major projects being developed for the platform are killed.

September 2001: Nintendo starts its big GameCube tour two months before the console launches, and whaddya know? Dinosaur Planet is part of the system’s software lineup. Only now, it’s called Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet, and Sabre, the game’s original hero, has been replaced with Fox McCloud.

September 2002: The game finally hits store shelves, and the Dinosaur Planet subtitle has been dropped altogether.

All right, enough with the history lesson, and on to the big question: Is this game worth buying? Absolutely. In fact, no self-respecting Nintendo fan should be without it. Star Fox Adventures is more than twice the size of your standard adventure game, and it’s roughly twice as fun, too.

That’s not to say that it’s perfect—the game’s story is a little weak, some of the characters are lame (a reptilian boss named General Scales? C’mon!), and you don’t spend enough time in the cockpit of your Arwing. But the gameplay itself is all gravy: When it comes to fun, Fox’s quest is second only to Mario’s recent vacation in Isle Delfino.

There are lots of puzzles in Star Fox Adventures, and you’re bound to get stuck every now and then. Every time we found ourselves in a jam, we wrote down the solution and put it into the mag. So check back often—if you don’t know what to do next, the answer will probably be in these pages.

Good luck—the fate of Dinosaur Planet rests in your furry little paws.

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