Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy

Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy

Mark Manzo

Beware: All who read this will be cursed…cursed with the need to scrounge up 50 bucks, ASAP. This game rocks and you need to buy it! Toss out all your preconceptions of anything to do with ancient Egypt (history class, Bangles tunes, and even that horrible 1980s Sphinx movie) and get ready to put your mitts on one of the best action-platformers to date.

Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy plunges gamers into a fantastical version of Egypt, complete with tons of monsters, machines, magic, and of curse — oh silly me, I meant, of course — mummies. Expect some of the coolest levels out there, a slew of amazing characters, and something lacking from many games today: a sense of humor.

That’s right. Though Sphinx could easily try to take itself seriously (it has the right to, because everything from its graphics to its gameplay is top-notch), it instead works humor into everything it has to offer, from the plot to the mission objectives, and it succeeds on every level.

So, are there downsides? Well, yes and no. The only thing worth mentioning (and it’s nit-picking, really) is the camera system: Sphinx forces (or allows, depending on how you look at it) players to control the cameras at all times, which means moving the camera frequently throughout the game. Otherwise, it’s near flawless. Curses! Another game to buy this November!

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