VT, Shell Hydrogen to Collaborate on Home Hydrogen Fueling

VT, Shell Hydrogen to Collaborate on Home Hydrogen Fueling

Oevel, Belgium-based Vandenborre Technologies N.V. (VT), a leader in the design, manufacture and sale of pressurized hydrogen generation systems based on advanced alkaline water electrolysis, recently announced it has signed a development, marketing and sales agreement with Shell Hydrogen.

Under the agreement, VT said Shell Hydrogen, which will obtain non-exclusive rights to act as agent for VT’s home refueling technology, will conduct market analysis of the potential of home hydrogen refueling, while VT will develop and manufacture home refueling units. VT said the companies expect to introduce a prototype unit for field testing “within a year, in a European market.”

“For widespread acceptance, we believe refueling infrastructure will probably have to resemble existing infrastructure,” said Shell Hydrogen CEO Jeremy Bentham. “But we can foresee that new and innovative solutions, such as home refueling, may be deployed and some may prove successful with consumers. In remote locations or regions with limited hydrogen demand, for example, home refueling may be an elegant solution. Some commuters using their vehicles for short daily journeys may also choose home hydrogen refueling if it is safe, easy and attractive in terms of cost.”

Contact: VT, website http://www.vandenborretechnologies.com.

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