VT Public Works Department to Install Hydrogen Fueling Station

VT Public Works Department to Install Hydrogen Fueling Station

Distributed Energy Systems Corporation recently announced that its wholly owned subsidiaries Northern Power Systems and Proton Energy Systems will build an advanced hydrogen fueling station at the Department of Public Works in Burlington, VT through a partnership with EVermont, a nonprofit organization that supports clean, energy-sustainable vehicles.

According to Distributed Energy, the hydrogen system, which is made possible through a nearly $1-million Department of Energy (DOE) Hydrogen, Fuel Cell and Infrastructure Technologies Program grant, will convert electric energy and water into clean hydrogen fuel, which will be stored on-site and then dispensed into hydrogen-fueled vehicles.

“We anticipate that the Vermont station will validate a number of DOE hydrogen objectives, including reducing the cost of production, improving efficiency and engineering an integrated system design and control,” said Proton Energy Hydrogen Technology Group senior vice president Rob Friedland. “At the same time, the project results should help reduce some of the technical barriers to widespread application of a hydrogen fueling infrastructure.”

Contact: Distributed Energy, phone 203-678-2355, website http://www.distributed-energy.com.

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