MTI Micro Delivers Mobion DMFCs for Military Applications

MTI Micro Delivers Mobion DMFCs for Military Applications

MTI MicroFuel Cells, Inc. (MTI Micro) recently announced its delivery of five prototypes for sensor applications to the U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) as part of a contract awarded to MTI Micro by SOCOM in 2004 to evaluate new technologies for field readiness.

“SOCOM is a leader in fostering the development and optimization of portable power solutions for special operations forces, and its objective is to reduce the size and weight of current power sources used in the field by 50 percent,” said SOCOM Naval Air Systems Command representative Mitch Wathan. “The activity with MTI Micro supports these objectives as DMFCs have shown great potential to improve the status quo.”

According to MTI Micro, the five sensor power pack prototypes delivered by the company are in the same form factor of the BA5590 — one of the most commonly used batteries in the military. The company noted that the early stage Mobion hybrid prototypes are intended to demonstrate the capabilities of the technology and power a range of low-power sensor applications, ranging from surveillance and monitoring of U.S. borders for homeland defense to deploying sensors in enemy territory for surveillance and combat operations.

MTI Micro also delivered to SOCOM, for evaluation, a 15W average and 150W peak early stage hybrid system powering a multi-band Falcon II Radio. According to the company, the prototype replaces the existing battery power source and attaches to the back of the radio in the same way as the battery.

“The delivery of these units to SOCOM demonstrates the flexibility of our proprietary Mobion technology to power key military applications like sensors and radios which have distinct and different power demands,” said MTI Micro CEO William Acker. “This delivery successfully completes our third quarter milestones and brings us closer to product readiness and the commercialization of our technology first in the military markets and ultimately within the consumer markets.”

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