Hybrid Scooter Demonstration Project Awarded to APFCT

Hybrid Scooter Demonstration Project Awarded to APFCT

Asia Pacific Fuel Cell Technologies, Ltd. (APFCT) recently announced it has been awarded a 40-vehicle fleet demonstration project for hybrid fuel cell-powered scooters by the Taiwan Ministry of Economics.

According to APFCT, the Chinese Petroleum Corporation, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taigene Electric Machinery Corporation and Automotive Research and Testing Center were involved in the proposal for the demonstration program, the proposed budget of which is $4.6 million.

“Fleet demonstration is a necessary step in taking the fuel cell from laboratory to the consumer market,” said APFCT chairman Jefferson Yang.

APFCT noted that the demonstration program is aimed at validating hydrogen fuel cell/lithium ion battery technology for scooters; demonstrating hydrogen supply, storage and distribution technology; and validating metal hydride-based hydrogen infrastructure for fuel cell scooters.

Contact: Jih-fen Tsai, APFCT, phone +866-37-584-019 ext 106, e-mail jftsai@apfct.com.tw.

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