Hy-Drive Hires New Product Design and Development Firm

Hy-Drive Hires New Product Design and Development Firm

Hy-Drive Technologies, Ltd. recently announced it has engaged the services of Toronto, Ontario-based product design and development firm Mass Engineered Design, Inc.

Through the collaboration, Hy-Drive said it aims to leverage the development processes and design program resources of Mass Engineered Design to help optimize the performance, quality and manufacturability of the patented Hy-Drive Hydrogen Generating System (HGS).

“We are very proud to be applying the comprehensive industrial design and development experience of Mass Engineered Design,” said Hy-Drive president Tom Brown. “Together, we are optimizing the product design characteristics, streamlining production and realizing the full potential for fuel efficiency and performance that is inherent in the [HGS] itself. The Mass-designed system will allow us to meet the market demand, and enable us to produce 1,000 HGS units per month commencing December 2004.”

Contact: Tom Brown, Hy-Drive, phone 905-542-3024, e-mail tombrown@hy-drive.com.

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