Honda Officials Comment on Reported FCV Collaboration With GM

Honda Officials Comment on Reported FCV Collaboration With GM

AFX News reported mid-last week that Honda Motor Company Corporate Communications Division general manager Hiroshi Oshima repudiated a story published in Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun claiming that the automaker plans to collaborate on fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) with BMW AG and General Motors Corporation (GM).

“Honda is participating in the LH Consortium…whose objective is to develop a standard for the coupling mechanisms of liquid hydrogen tanks,” said Oshima in a statement. “This is merely a part of our comprehensive research into possible future hydrogen supply mechanisms and does not involve joint development of fuel cell vehicles.”

In a news story the following day, Reuters reported that Honda chief executive Takeo Fukui remarked that while GM has not brought up the potential co-development of fuel cell technology, Honda would “seriously consider it.”

“We don’t rely on other automakers to develop vehicle technology,” said Fukui. “But we think it would be nice to have more contact with GM…and I think that view is mutual.”

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