GM Signs Fuel Cell Fleet Development Contract With DOE

GM Signs Fuel Cell Fleet Development Contract With DOE

General Motors Corporation (GM) recently announced it has signed a five-year, $88-million agreement with the Department of Energy (DOE) to develop a 40-vehicle fuel cell fleet.

Under the program, GM said it will spend $44 million to deploy fuel cell vehicle demonstration fleets in Washington, DC, New York, California and Michigan, with DOE contributing the remaining $44 million in funding, under an agreement that expires in September 2009.

According to GM, other program partners include the U.S. Army at Ft. Belvoir, VA and Quantum Technologies, which will provide facilities for GM to store and maintain the fuel cell vehicles; NextEnergy, which will provide codes and standards development; and Viewpoint Systems, which will collect and retrieve data remotely.

GM noted that Shell Hydrogen, LLC will support the company, under a separate commercial agreement, by setting up five hydrogen refueling stations in California, Washington DC and New York City, as well as along the “East Coast Corridor” between Washington and New York.

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