Genesys Acquires Hydrogen Technology License From Bar-Gadda

Genesys Acquires Hydrogen Technology License From Bar-Gadda

Genesys, LLC recently announced it has acquired a license from Bar-Gadda, LLC for its technology for producing hydrogen from water vapor or geothermal steam. Genesys said it will be involved in further development of the technology for commercial applications.

According to Genesys, the patent-pending technology employs a technique known as radiant energy transfer (RET), which splits water into hydrogen and oxygen. Genesys said the new technology has achieved thermal efficiencies greater than 90 percent and hydrogen yields greater than 86 percent. The company noted that the cost of hydrogen produced using the technology varies from 35 cents to $1.25 per equivalent gallon of gasoline.

Genesys said a working prototype of the technology has been in successful operation for more than nine months.

Contact: Paul Rezucha, Genesys, phone 510-273-9101, website

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