Fairchild Enters Agreement for Hydrogen Production Technology

Fairchild Enters Agreement for Hydrogen Production Technology

Fairchild International Corporation, a developer and marketer of alternate fuels worldwide, recently announced that an agreement has been reached for the company’s wholly owned subsidiary Syngas Energy Corporation to acquire certain rights and licenses involving technology used to produce hydrogen-based fuels.

According to Fairchild, the pyrolysis steam reformer technology, dubbed “PyStR,” was originally invented in the U.S. by a leading researcher in hydrogen and gasification technology and operations. The company noted that Wilf Ouelette, a director of Fairchild and Syngas, discovered the technology and acquired the licenses, which he then assigned to Fairchild/Syngas.

“The technology is the most advanced process I have seen producing high-purity hydrogen, and the cost structure is more economical than competitive technologies,” said Ouelette.

Using PyStR, Fairchild said it expects to be capable of producing 99.9-percent pure hydrogen from a variety of inputs, including coal and biomass, using its existing gas generators.

The technology was acquired for cash consideration, with Syngas agreeing to pay a one-time royalty fee per generator of $214.83 per million BTU (GCV) heat input per hour for hydrogen production and two percent of gross sales for non-hydrogen producing apparatus.

Contact: Fairchild, phone 888-646-5611, website http://www.fairchildinternational.com.

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