Casio fuel cell to power notebook computer

Casio fuel cell to power notebook computer

Japan’s Casio Computer Co. recently announced that it has prototyped a methanol reformate fuel cell that is small in size and produces enough power to drive a digital camera. Starting from fiscal year 2007 the company expects to have a higher-output version that can power a notebook computer.

The prototype is built on a board that measures 150 by 80 millimeters and is etched with multiple layers of trenches to direct the flow of methanol from the fuel cartridge to the reformer, the flow of hydrogen and oxygen to the reaction center, and the flow of water and carbon dioxide away from the reaction center.

Other components on this board include sensors, valves, pumps, the reformer where hydrogen is derived from the methanol fuel, and the actual cells where hydrogen and oxygen react to yield electrons.

Casio expects that with higher-output cells, the same structure could power a notebook computer.

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