BOC, Cellex to Develop Hydrogen Solutions for Forklift Trucks

BOC, Cellex to Develop Hydrogen Solutions for Forklift Trucks

Industrial gases company BOC and fuel cell power solutions provider Cellex Power Products, Inc. recently announced plans to develop complete hydrogen supply solutions to help power forklift trucks used in large distribution warehouses in North America.

According to the companies, the agreement calls for Cellex to supply the hydrogen power units that go into the trucks, while BOC will provide the indoor hydrogen refueling facilities. The companies said they plan on conducting a three-month round of customer trials of the hydrogen-powered forklift trucks at customer sites in the U.S. and Canada.

“These trials will show customers how hydrogen fuel cells can improve truck productivity significantly by removing the downtime and performance loss seen in battery-powered trucks, and reducing the health and safety risks associated with handling lead acid batteries,” said BOC global director John Carolin.

Contact: Kristina Schurr, BOC, phone 908-771-1510, e-mail; Blair Lill, Cellex, phone 604-248-3552.

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