Ballard Releases New Fuel Cell Technology ‘Road Map’

Ballard Releases New Fuel Cell Technology ‘Road Map’

Ballard Power Systems recently announced the release of its new technology “Road Map” which comprises four technology trendlines and targets for fuel cell stack durability, cost, freeze start and volumetric power density.

According to Ballard, the “Road Map” will serve as a yardstick for measuring the company’s progress over the next five years as it advances toward delivering a demonstration in 2010 of commercially viable automotive fuel cell stack technology. Ballard said it expects the fuel cell technology to be capable of achieving 5,000 hours of lifetime, a freeze start capability to negative 30 degrees Celsius, volumetric power density of 2,500 watts net per liter and a fuel cell stack cost of $30 per net kilowatt at a volume of 500,000 units.

“By laying out our detailed five-year technology plans, Ballard is again demonstrating its commitment to setting the standard and leading the way to proton exchange membrane fuel cell commercialization,” said Ballard president and CEO Dennis Campbell. “With our technology ‘Road Map’ we’ve set the course, a course to the post-oil hydrogen future.”

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