Astris Delivers E8 Fuel Cell Generator to Alternate Energy

Astris Delivers E8 Fuel Cell Generator to Alternate Energy

Astris Energi, Inc. recently announced it has delivered and completed the customer training on the first model E8 portable power generator covered by its value-added reseller (VAR) agreement signed in May 2004 with Alternate Energy Corporation.

According to Astris, the E8 generator is the latest in a series of the company’s power generators driven by its alkaline fuel cell (AFC) technology. Nominally rated at 2.4 kilowatts and providing 48 VDC power at 50 amperes, Astris said the E8 is targeted at stationary applications such as uninterrupted power supply, backup applications for commercial and military users, and emergency site power.

Additionally, Astris noted that the E8, which contains two 1,200-watt fuel cell stacks, is the first generator powered by the company’s POWERSTACK MC250 fuel cell modules and boasts an electrical efficiency of greater than 50 percent.

Astris said plans are underway to couple the E8 generator with AEC’s hydrogen-on-demand production technology, with AEC currently testing the power pack and scheduling a series of demonstrations starting in late February.

AEC’s purchase order to Astris calls for an additional five model E8 units to be delivered to AEC in stages throughout 2005, subject to performance evaluation of the first unit.

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