Astris Completes Work on New AFC-powered Golf Car

Astris Completes Work on New AFC-powered Golf Car

Alkaline fuel cell (AFC) technology company Astris Energi, Inc. recently announced it has completed work on Freedom II, its second-generation fuel cell-powered golf car.

According to Astris, the new Freedom II is powered by the company’s 1.8-kilowatt Model E7 AFC generator, providing the golf car with double the power and double the acceleration of the original model.

“The installation of our E7 generator in Freedom II is a good example of the practicality of our AFC technology,” said Astris president and CEO Jiri Nor. “We’ve taken an existing piece of hardware, a standard golf car, and with installation of our leading E7 power unit, turned it into a high-performing, efficient vehicle capable of years of reliable service.”

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