Cherrios / Set the Table / Eyelashes / Two White Crosses

Cherrios / Set the Table / Eyelashes / Two White Crosses / Curves Dance

Frizzell, Linda Rudin

I was trained as a fine artist and earned a living in graphic arts and design for many years. I work in many media, including painting, sculpture, printmaking, and papermaking. In the mid-i99os I discovered the astoundingly large pallet of colors available in commercial fabrics and have been making constructions with fabric and fabric-like materials, such as synthetics and metallics, ever since. My work now incorporates all my previous interests and skills: painting, drawing, sculpture, drafting, design, and, most important, color.

In addition to commercial fabrics I use hand-dyed, hand-painted, hand-drawn, and hand-printed textiles. I incorporate drawing into my fiber work in several ways: Sometimes I draw directly on the piece with thread, sometimes I draw or paint directly on the fabric, and sometimes I do separate illustrations, which I then print onto fabric. I have developed a mono-printing technique that combines conventional illustration, computer illustration, watercolor, and heat transfer to create, with fabric, the richness and fluidity of paint.

I also combine collage, assemblage, painting and sewing. I use thread both as a construction tool and as the element of line. I sometimes design a piece, then faithfully create that image; other times I work freeform with scissors and knives, building as I go. I am especially interested in pattern, repetition, texture, and the relationships of curves.


LINDA RUDIN FRIZZELLS fabric constructions have appeared in exhibitions and galleries throughout western Washington as well as in Texas, California, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. She was formally trained in fine arts and made a living as a graphic designer for many years. She is a member of Studio Art Quilts Associates and Surface Design Association, and is on the board of the Seattle Contemporary Quiltart Association. She works in her home studio outside of Olympia, Washington.

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