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TNT Logistics North America has been named a “Hurricane Hero” by its customer The Home Depot, in recognition of the extra efforts its employees expended during and after the four major hurricanes that hit Florida and elsewhere in the Southeast in August and September to keep building materials and other supplies moving into affected areas.

TNT Logistics normally provides The Home Depot with “last mile” deliveries to homes and construction sites in Florida. But as each hurricane threatened the Sunshine State, TNT Logistics began diverting its drivers and trucks based in Cape Coral, Lake Worth and Hollywood, FL, to ensure deliveries of plywood, nails, other building materials and power generators obtained from stores run by The Home Depot beyond the reach of the storms. Some loads came in from as far away as Ohio.

“Stealing a truck is a much easier way for a terrorist to get a hold of one than hijacking it – not that hijacking a truck isn’t a possibility; it’s just more difficult. That’s why we think a more ‘holistic view’ of trucking security is needed, looking at the theft and terrorist threat as one issue.” – Annette Sandberg, Administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

This specially built Great Dane Freedom extendable flatbed, garnered the honor of transporting this year’s U.S. Capitol Holiday Tree. Great Dane customer Rural Retreat, VA-based Camrett Logistics provided the tractor as well as five volunteer drivers last month to carry the 70-ft. red spruce, donated by the Commonwealth of Virginia and the U.S. Forest Service, to the front lawn of the Capitol in Washington, DC.

Bobtail talk

Maybe we’ve spotted a trend – snappy sayings high on the back of tractors. But who can read them when a trailer is hitched?

“Grab Life by the Horns” – Delta Express Transport, Louisville, KY.

“Going Where the Lonely Go” – Wade Trucking, Waldron, TN

“Elmer Fudd’s Looney Mobile” – MacKinnon Transport, Guelph, ONT

Seen and heard it all dept.

Yes, feast your eyes and maybe your ears, on the one, the only PianoRig! According to its inventor, “world champion pianist” Ryan Ahern, the PianoRig has “taken the live piano performance genre by storm, raising the bar of on-location performance.” He says the chromed-out 1985 Freightliner has been “customized from bumper to bumper to bring world-class piano to the general public.” Indeed, a nine-foot Steinway Concert Grand sits on the custom 14-ft. flatbed body. “Blood, sweat, and tears is what it took to transform the truck into what she is today,” says Ahern. “I did almost 100% of the work…I am a pianist not a mechanic, bodyman, or electrician. But what I learned along the way was equivalent to a masters in big rigging.” Ahern and the PianoRig gave a debut concert this fall in, where else, Las Vegas. No doubt Liberace would have gotten a CDL if only this baby were around in his day. For more pictures and important details like how this tune machine is available for private parties, slide your fingers over to

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