Series 135 fan clutch

Series 135 fan clutch

The Series 135 fan clutch represents a revolutionary expansion of Rockford Powertrain’s heavy-duty mobile equipment fan drive. It is the industry’s first variable-speed fan drive designed to operate a cooling fan at any speed-from zero rotation to 100 percent full lockup speed. Fan speed is minimized under all engine operating conditions, using less working horsepower from the engine, saving fuel and reducing fan-generated noise.

The Series 135 is a “clean sheet design,” uniquely developed, tested and brought to market for use with electronically controlled engines such as the Cummins N14 and M11, Detroit Diesel’s Series 50 and 60 engines, Caterpillar’s 3400 Series and others.

The fan drive can be operated by a pulse width modulated signal from the engine’s electronic control module (ECM), or it can interface with the computer bus of an engine’s ECM if no specific signal is provided for fan operation.

A built-in sensor monitors actual fan speed continuously. The sensor, along with the ECM (which monitors system cooling needs), provides a “closed-loop” feedback control system capable of minimizing fan speed under all engine operating conditions.

As a result, engine coolant, charge air temperature, transmission oil temperature, air conditioning temperature or pressure, fuel temperature or any other variable can be sensed through the ECM-or independently-to control fan speed.


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