You tell us – women share about their dreams during pregnancy

You tell us – women share about their dreams during pregnancy – Brief Article

In our April/May 2002 issue, we asked: What has been your most interesting pregnancy dream?


I dreamed I was constantly changing my baby’s diaper. Then I was supposed to change my cat’s diaper, but I couldn’t figure out where the tail should go. Next it was my husband’s turn. Just a little diaper anxiety!

Amy Atkinson, HILLSBORO, ORE.

I dreamed I was in the hospital and was left alone with an ultrasound machine. I put the wand on my belly and could “see” my baby clearly: I was having a girl. In real life, the ultrasound technician was unable to determine my baby’s sex, so for now, I’m going by my dream. I’ll learn the truth in four months.

Yanette W. Hedges, MYRTLE REACH, S.C.

I’m pregnant with my second boy. My first son weighed 8 pounds, 14 ounces at birth; I’m concerned that this baby will be even bigger. Recently, my midwife told me the baby is on the large side. I dreamed I gave birth to a baby as big as my first son, Jace, is now–26 pounds. Ouch!

Angela McKenney, OAK ISLAND, N.C.



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