Healing words – letters

Healing words – letters – Letter to the Editor

Brooke Gagnier

Thank you for printing Ashley Mayes’ Birth Story, “Healing the Hurt” (August/September 2003). In early July 2003, I had a miscarriage at nine weeks. I felt shocked, discouraged, heartbroken and angry. I bought your magazine in the hope that there might be an article about how to cope with a miscarriage and move forward with life. I was happy to find Ashley’s story about that exact subject.

As I read her story, I felt that my feelings were normal and that there is hope for a healthy pregnancy in the future. Ashley wrote about how keeping a journal helped her, so I started to journal and found that expressing my feelings on paper helped me get through some very emotional days.

I am a devoted reader of Fit Pregnancy, and I thank you for providing readers with inspirational, beneficial, real information.

Brooke Gagnier, SILVER SPRING, MD.

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