Robert M. Collins – The Bulletin Notes – criminals apprehended in shootout

Robert M. Collins – The Bulletin Notes – criminals apprehended in shootout – Brief Article

Officers Robert M. Collins and Paul Campbell of the Brookline, Massachusetts, Police Department were on patrol when they observed an empty vehicle in a closed parking lot. They discovered that the vehicle’s registration was revoked and that the registered owner had a suspended driver’s license. As they approached the vehicle, the driver and a rear seat passenger suddenly sat up in the car. The officers asked for the driver’s license, which the driver produced. As the officers stepped back to make a thorough observation of the vehicle, the operator started the vehicle and fled the lot. As the officers pursued the vehicle, Officer Kevin G. Mealy joined the pursuit in a second cruiser. As the subject vehicle attempted a u-turn, the two cruisers were able to box it in, with the first cruiser in front. The driver of the subject vehicle reached out of his window and began firing at the cruiser in front, blowing out the rear windshield. Officer Campbell, who was pinned in his seat in the first cruiser, returned fir e. The passenger in the rear of the subject vehicle began firing at Officer Mealy in the second cruiser. Officer Mealy returned fire. Both suspects exited the vehicle, attempted to flee on foot, and sprayed gunfire at the officers. Officer Mealy shot one suspect, who was wanted in connection with two fatal shootings 2 weeks prior and quickly arrested him. A foot pursuit for the second suspect continued. This suspect, who was wanted on attempted murder and various other charges, carjacked a vehicle at gunpoint from an elderly woman. When the car became disabled, he stole a bicycle, fled, and remained at large for several months. Officers Collins, Campbell, and Mealy courageously risked their own lives to ensure the public’s safety in the pursuit and subsequent arrest of these suspects.

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