Check definition of “soy diesel”

Check definition of “soy diesel”

The terms “soy diesel” and “biodiesel” are sometimes confused and thus misinterpreted, according to Penn State University ag engineering professor Dennis Buffington. He reports that biodiesel is safe to use straight or blended with conventional diesel fuel in diesel engines. Made from vegetable, animal or spent cooking oil, biodiesel meets ASTM Fuel Grade Standards PS-121.

Interpretation problems arise in how the term “soy diesel” is used. In some parts of the country, “soy diesel” means biodiesel that is derived from soybean oil. Buffington says, in this case, the use of soy diesel, either straight or blended with diesel fuel is perfectly safe, because it meets the ASTM standards.

But in parts of the country where “soy diesel” refers to raw soybean oil that is blended with diesel fuel along with an additive, consumers should beware. This mixture does not meet ASTM standards, Buffington says. Engines will run a short time on the mixture, but damage may result. The professor suggests asking a certified fuel supplier about the fuel and also checking the operator’s manual for each vehicle to determine its proper fuel.

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