82d Airborne Division Artillery

82d Airborne Division Artillery

The 82d Airborne Div Arty, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, maintains its ability to deploy worldwide with no notice and synchronize joint effects for the division. The Div Arty headquarters deployed elements in support of operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The division FSE routinely planned and coordinated Air Force CAS for the ground commander and coordinated with Special Operations and Coalition Forces to synchronize effects in large areas of operations.


1-319 Airborne FA Regiment (AFAR), the Loyalty Battalion, supported the 3d BCT with fires during OIF from September 2003 to March 2004. It conducted full-spectrum operations–counterfire, convoy security, civil military operations (CMO), information operations (IO) and the defense of Forward Operating Base Saint Mere.

1-319AFAR created the Counter-Mortar Exploitation Team of 15 Soldiers who captured enemy weapons and munitions, assessed bat-tle and collateral da-mage, and identified enemy TTPs.

Paratroopers of 2-319 AFAR, the Falcon’s Fury, were deployed for 12 months for OIF, marching from Kuwait to Baghdad, providing timely lethal and nonlethal fires and, ultimately, fighting as a maneuver battalion. Immediately upon redeployment, Falcon’s Fury certified its FISTs, howitzer sections, FDCs and leaders and conducted many airborne assaults. The battalion’s intensive training culminated with participation in a brigade-level airborne assault and airfield seizure that ended the year.

3-319 AFAR, the Gun Devils, fired the first lethal artillery counterfire mission in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. After eight months in Afghanistan, 3-319 AFAR redeployed, completed equipment regeneration and regained proficiency on all artillery-related tasks. In January, the fire supporters deployed to OIF with the 1st BCT. While deployed, they executed combat and stability and support operations (SOSO).

At Fort Bragg, the remainder of the battalion executed a base-piece LFX and continued preparations for future combat operations.

The 319th AFAR is poised to deliver airborne fires 18 hours from the call, anywhere in the world, any time and in any environment.

Airborne–All the Way!

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