1st Cavalry Division Artillery – Fort Hood, Texas

1st Cavalry Division Artillery – Fort Hood, Texas – Brief Article

The 1st Cavalry Division Artillery Red Team located at Fort Hood, Texas, completed another fast-paced and exciting year with many of our Redlegs participating in division and corps-level Warfighters, assuming the Forces Command (FORSCOM) division ready brigade (DRB) mission and deploying to the NTC and Kuwait.

The Dragons of 1-82 FA kicked off the year with an outstanding NTC rotation in support of 1st Brigade Combat Team (BCT) in January. Upon their return, they quickly prepared to assume the FORSCOM DRB mission. The Dragons ended the year by deploying a battery and a FIST section to Kuwait for Operation Desert Spring.

The Steel Dragons of 2-82 FA began the year by participating in the division Warfighter exercise. Following the Warfighter, they deployed a battery with TF 1-9 Infantry to Operation Desert Spring in Kuwait. The remainder of the year, the Steel Dragons continued to hone their warfighting skills through many exercises and a train-up for an NTC rotation with the 3d BCT in January 2001.

The Red Dragons of 3-82 FA started 2000 by participating in the division Warfighter as well. Concurrently, 3-82 FA trained with the 2d BCT in preparation for its NTC rotation in May. Immediately upon the battalion’s return from Fort Irwin, California, the Red Dragons prepared to assume the FORSCOM DRB mission in September.

The First Strike battalion, 1-21 FA, also began 2000 with the division Warfighter. After the exercise, the battalion quickly transitioned to the FORSCOM DRB mission in April. Simultaneously, soldiers of the First Strike battalion participated in the 2d BCT’s NTC rotation in May. Finally, the battalion participated in the Ill Corps Warfighter in December.

The Red Team continues to look forward to the challenges of the 21st century by continuing the cavalry’s proud heritage and tradition.

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