Top Tip: Determine my FSB speed?

Top Tip: Determine my FSB speed?

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Question from OminousLuv

“I need to upgrade the RAM on my work computer (Dell Dimensions 8200). What is the easiest way to determine my FSB speed? There are two versions of my particular model. Also, is there an easy was to determine if my RDRAM is ECC or non-ECC? I don’t want to add new sticks that are different from the original.”

Answer from DeadeyeFlint

“Download WCPUID (Is that how its spelled guys?). Its free, I think its available at It tells you everything you’ll ever want to know (or not want to know) about your CPU and memory system. But I’m not sure if it’ll tell you whether your RAM is ECC or not…”

Answer from vmelkon

“Search for PC Wizard 2004, which also gives a lot of system info, plus benchmark is built in.Everthing from BIOS version to your Windows ini file is there.”

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