How do I check my computer’s temperature?

Top Tip: How do I check my computer’s temperature?

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Question from Linseman

“I am really curious as to figure the temperature inside my computer. I am running windows XP Pro on an AMD XP 1600+ w/ ASUS A7v-133 mobo. I noticed recently the sound has gotten louder so I opened up the case and noticed the small mobo fan was causing the noise. I suspected the cooling wasnt in good shape so I lightly touched the video card heatsink and it burned my hand practically. Thats really hot.

What are the different ways I can figure out the temp of my computer? What is a resonable temp in Celsius? Whats bad? Should I looked at some better cooling I saw a graphics card cooling fan the other day the goes in a PCI slot underneath the Video card is that worth looking into? It was only $20 Canadian. Any help would be great. Thanks.”

Answer from dawwgbert

“I believe Asus provides a windows based utility that can monitor the temp of your mb and cpu. CPU temps should be under 50c and mb/case temps at or around 30c. There should also be an option in the bios, something like pc health status, that will display your current temps. Sounds like a good idea to replace the cooling fan on the mb.

Look at the setup of your case, are you getting decent inflow of room temp air and good outflow from your case fans? My rig is setup with 1 fan which pulls room temp air into the case and two fans which release air from the case. Look at the heatsinks and fans in your case and make sure they’re dust free.

Dust easily accumulates in the spaces on the heatsinks and on the fans. Power off and unplug your system and gently brush the dust off with compressed air. At times, I’ve completely removed some heatsinks from the components in the case and brushed them off with a soft bristled tooth brush.

Once the dust is brushed off, you can easily use a vacuum cleaner hose to remove the dust. Keep the vacuum hose about 2 inches away from any components, it’ll pull up the loose dust. Good luck. My P4 3.0ghz runs at 41c under full load and the general temp of my case is under 30c.”

Answer from dimbulb

“Here’s the download site for ASUS Probe, the utility that senses and displays mb and processor temp for ASUS motherboards. I didn’t do any research to see if it worked on your particular mobo, but it won’t hurt to try it. It’ll either work or it won’t. “

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